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Broken Dentures Emergency | Dentist Preston The happiest moments in life are best enjoyed when you can laugh and smile freely.

Missing teeth shouldn’t stop you from having such a moment.

With dentures available, smiling with a complete set of teeth becomes another thing to celebrate!

Indeed dentures have come a long way at making people smile and helping them in day-to-day activities.

For a denture wearer, life isn’t just the same without them.

But no matter how much we want dentures to last forever, unfortunately they don’t. Dentures have a breaking point.

That they often break without any warning only adds to the frustration.

Don’t worry! True Dental Care Preston has same day emergency appointments available for dental emergencies such as broken dentures.

We want to stop the discomfort and inconvenience as soon as possible!

Common Causes of Broken Dentures

Dentures are made of durable materials.

Although they are not equal to teeth when it comes to strength, they are still effective in performing daily functions.

Denture damage is usually caused by the following:

Natural deterioration – Years of wearing them subject dentures to years of daily activities in chewing, grinding, and other similar function.

All of which can stress and strain dentures until they reach their breaking point.

Ill-fitting dentures – Imperfect fit is mainly caused by two things – poor dental work and progressive bone loss. Ill-fitting dentures move around in the mouth and easily fall out.

Abuse – Using your dentures outside their intended functions and abusing their strength causes breakage.

Accidents – As a part of caring for your gums, your dentist will advise you to remove your dentures every night. In doing so, accidental breakage is possible.

What to Do If Your Denture Breaks

If you notice small crack on your dentures while cleaning them, the best thing to do is see your dentist right away.

Fixing damaged dentures, no matter the gravity of the damage, takes the skill and precision of the dentist.

Do not be tempted to use denture repair kits from drugstores. They can cause further damage, which can be irreversible.

See your dentist right away to prevent any further complications.

Broken Dentures in Preston

A dental emergency is a serious matter. Your oral health often depends on those first few critical moments. How you respond can determine the result of the situation.

True Dental Care Preston has same day emergency appointments available for your dental emergency. We value time and efficiency as we effectively address your situation.

Trust your family’s oral health to no one else.

Broken Dentures in Preston

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