Children’s Dental Emergencies

Children’s Dental Emergencies Preston

Children's Dental Emergencies | Dentist Preston Anyone can have a dental emergency, children included.

In fact, their carefree behaviour makes them easier targets than other age groups.

If you are a parent, you know how frustrating it is not to know how to help your child, particularly when he/she is in pain.

At True Dental Care Preston, your child’s oral health is in good hands.

Not only do we help take care of your child’s pearly whites and set the foundation for his/her oral health journey, we also have a quick response team in case of a dental emergency.

If you or your loved ones have a dental emergency, True Dental Care Preston is your emergency dentist in Preston.

A same day emergency appointment is available!

Common Dental Emergencies Of Children

Knowing how to administer first aid steps is an important skill a parent must have.

You can help your child better if you know what to do in case of a dental emergency.

The following are some of the common dental emergencies experienced by children and the first aid steps to perform.


For toothache, make sure that there is no food debris on the mouth particularly in the aching area.

Help your child brush and floss gently.

Let your child rinse his/her mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash or prepare a saline solution (1/2 teaspoon of salt to eight ounces of lukewarm water) as a mouthwash.

Do not give aspirin to your child, nor apply it on the aching area as this can cause chemical burn.

To reduce pain and swelling, apply clove oil.

See your dentist immediately.

Knocked-out Tooth

Pick the knocked out tooth by the crown; never touch the root.

If the tooth is dirty, clean it with running water for 10-15 seconds. Do not scrape, brush, or rub.

Attempt re-implantation for permanent tooth.

Reinsert it into the socket and have your child bite down gently on a soft fabric.

If it is a baby tooth, let your dentist handle re-implantation.

Do not reinsert it as this can damage the developing permanent tooth underneath.

Soak the tooth in milk, saline solution, or saliva on your way to the dentist.

See your dentist within 30 minutes of the emergency.

Broken braces

Remove all broken parts in the mouth. Rinse thoroughly.

Move the offending wire in place and cover the ends with gauze or cotton on your way to the dentist.

See your dentist immediately.

These first aid steps offer temporary relief in an emergency.

They do not treat the dental problem, nor keep you from any further danger.

To ensure safety, visit your dentist right away.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule will continue in 2018

In the news:

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has applauded announcement by the Turnbull Government and its Health Minister, Greg Hunt, to reinstate the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) cap to $1,000.

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“The Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt … advised the ADA that a number of changes to the CDBS have been finalised and will take effect on 1 January 2018.”

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Bulk Bill for children who are eligible for MEDICARE CHILD DENTAL BENEFIT SCHEDULE

Up to $1000 worth of dental treatments over two years

Children’s Dental Emergencies in Preston

A dental emergency is a serious matter. Your oral health often depends on those first few critical moments.

How you respond can determine the result of the situation.

True Dental Care Preston has a same day emergency appointment available for your dental emergency.

We value time and efficiency as we effectively address your situation.

Trust your family’s oral health to no one else.

Children’s Dental Emergencies in Preston

Call (03) 9131 5952 or visit us at 358 Bell St in Preston.

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