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Crowns and Bridges | Dentist Preston Nowadays, missing teeth are not as big as a problem as they once were. Modern dentistry has opened the doors to teeth restoration with treatments such as dental implants, dentures, and crowns and bridges.

This page discusses crowns and bridges and their benefits. Read on to learn more how your True Dental Care Preston dentist can help you using crowns and bridges.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are fixed restorative devices. They restore the beauty and function of a damaged tooth by capping it.

Made of durable materials, dental crowns have the look and feel of your natural tooth. They can effectively participate in your teeth’s functions such as chewing. With proper care and good oral hygiene, dental crowns can last a long time.

Uses Of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are recommended for the following reasons:

  • Tooth severely damaged by tooth decay
  • Cracked or worn down tooth
  • Unnatural shape and colour of tooth
  • Tooth with a large tooth filling
  • Used together with dental implants and bridges

Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns have the following benefits:

  • Strengthen a tooth weakened by decay
  • Protect tooth from further damage and strain
  • Create natural shape for imperfect or irregular tooth
  • Hold a filling, particularly a large filling
  • Used together with a root canal treatment
  • Used with a dental implant to function as the tooth replacement
  • Whiten a discoloured tooth that resists natural teeth whitening

What Is A Dental Bridge?

Another restorative option is the dental bridge. It is a fixed restorative device taking the place of multiple missing teeth.

A set of false teeth “bridges” one natural tooth to another by filling the gap in. The bridge is supported by a dental crown capped over a natural tooth or with a dental implant.

With proper care and good oral hygiene, dental bridges can also last a long time. If there are too many missing teeth, a denture may be recommended.

Benefits Of Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can be used in a number of beneficial ways:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Improve speech faculties
  • Restore normal face structure
  • Restore biting and chewing capacity
  • Restore balance of pressure in the mouth during chewing
  • Stops the remaining natural teeth from shifting out of place
  • Prevents progressive bone loss caused by missing teeth

Crowns and Bridges in Preston

Don’t let your missing teeth prevent you from enjoying life!

With modern dentistry and your trusted True Dental Care Preston, your teeth’s beauty and function can be restored!

Crowns and Bridges in Preston

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