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Dental Abscess Treatment Preston

Dental Abscess | Dentist Preston A dental abscess is one dental emergency that is often misunderstood. Its consequences can be life threatening, therefore it requires immediate attention. It is more than just a swelling in your mouth.

It signifies that a dental problem is compromising your oral health and can possibly compromise your general wellbeing.

If you or your loved ones have a dental emergency, True Dental Care Preston is your emergency dentist in Preston.

A same-day emergency appointment is available!

What Is A Dental Abscess?

A dental abscess is the formation of pus in the area of infection. It appears one or two days after the bacterial infection has set in.

Pus is a whitish, yellow protein-rich liquid. It has a foul scent and contains dead white blood cells.

Abscesses appear at the root of the tooth, in chips, cracks, or in teeth with large cavities. They can also appear in gums and the bones that hold the tooth.

Symptoms of Dental Abscess

Aside from the visible dental pus, the following are also associated with a dental abscess:

  • Bitter taste in the tongue (from the pus draining)
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty opening the mouth (some cases chewing and breathing difficulty)
  • Fever
  • General feeling of illness
  • Enlarged neck glands
  • Toothache, with throbbing or sharp pain
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Red and swollen gums

First Aid Steps

Once an abscess appears, only your dentist can remove it. If you drain it yourself it will only reappear. The cause needs to be addressed to ensure that the abscess will not return.

In case of a dental abscess, here’s what you can do:

  • Rinse you mouth with antiseptic mouthwash. Alternatives are saltwater and peppermint tea.
  • To numb the pain, take OTC painkillers. Alternatives are clove oil and numbing gels.
  • Call and see your dentist right away.

Treatment at True Dental Care Preston

As noted, treatment must address the root of the problem. Treatment may include:

Dental Abscess Treatment in Preston

A dental emergency is a serious matter. Your oral health often depends on the first few critical moments. How you respond can determine the result of the situation.

True Dental Care Preston has a same-day emergency appointment available for your dental emergency. We value time and efficiency as we effectively address your situation.

Trust your family’s oral health to no one else.

Dental Abscess Treatment in Preston

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