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General Dentistry | Dentist Preston True Dental Care Preston values each of its patient by delivering personalized accommodation and premium quality services.

We make sure that all your dental needs are addressed – from simple to complicated dental issues.

Our general dentistry is focused on the treatment of common dental issues experienced by anyone at any age. Each treatment is adjusted to fit your unique needs.

The following are our general dentistry services.

Tooth Extraction

There are certain situations that call for a tooth extraction. Your True Dental Care Preston dentist will first explore other options before recommending an extraction. Should there be a need for one, rest assured that our tooth extraction procedure is failsafe.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A wisdom teeth may need extraction due to reasons such as an impaction. Not to worry, a wisdom tooth removal is a common dental procedure in our office and is guaranteed safe.

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Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common dental issue affecting the young and old alike. It springs from bad oral hygiene habits. At True Dental Care Preston, we have comprehensive tooth decay treatments including dental scale and clean, and tooth fillings.

Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath is one of the most upsetting dental conditions. Sadly, people would rather avoid you than tell you the truth about your breath. True Dental Care Preston offers bad breath solutions. We want you to have fresher breath so you can be confident everywhere you go.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment saves a tooth from extraction by treating the infected pulp. Recommended to address a number of tooth problems, root canal treatment relieves pain and prevents the development of other dental issues.

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Gum Disease Treatment

Stop gum disease from progressing and affecting your health. True Dental Care Preston offers gum disease treatment before the disease can permanently damage your gums and teeth.

Sensitive Teeth Treatment

Tooth sensitivity can be aggravating. Not only does it stop you from eating some of the foods you want, it also leads to more serious dental issues when left untreated.

Treat your tooth sensitivity at True Dental Care Preston today.

Diseases of the Jaw

The health of the jaw is a vital part of good oral health. Do not disregard a frequent headache or a sore jaw. See your True Dental Care Preston dentist for proper diagnosis.

General Dentistry in Preston

Experience quality dentistry for your oral health needs.

See us today to begin your journey towards better oral health for this year and beyond.

General Dentistry in Preston
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