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Listed below are the most commonly asked questions we receive from our patients.
What happens during a dental check up?
During a dental check up, your True Dental Care Preston dentist will evaluate your oral health status through a series of tests. All aspects of your oral health will be checked for any signs of dental problems. Your neck, teeth, gums, and jaw will be evaluated. Your dentist may also take an X-ray or impression of your teeth to check for bite defects.

Other diagnostic tests such as oral cancer screening may be done as well. This is very crucial as the disease has 90% cure rate if detected and treated early.

A dental scale and clean may also be performed to remove all plaque and tartar buildup in your mouth, which has not been removed during brushing.

Your diet and lifestyle may be discussed as well. Your dentist will give you personalised oral hygiene instructions that include a list of mouth friendly foods and good oral habits.

How often should you see your dentist?
We strongly advise two dental appointments a year, done once every six months. This frequency may be changed, however, if you have a dental problem. You may be required to visit more often so your dentist can monitor your progress.

This is important since only a dentist can properly determine whether or not you are making progress and if a dental problem is being treated appropriately.

Dental cleaning, on the other hand, may not be done every dental check up. Your dentist will determine whether or not you need it.

The longer you delay a dental check up, the more you risk your oral health to dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

What are your children’s dentistry services?
Basically, all our services can be accessed by children when the situation calls for it. But we strongly recommend introducing your child to preventative dentistry services at an early date. These dental treatments set the foundation of your child’s oral health journey.

Part of our children’s dentistry services is habit formation and correction. We educate children on how to properly care for their teeth and the habits that harm their oral health. We believe that investing early in your child’s oral health will save your child from a future of poor dental health.

Below are some of the preventative dentistry services in our office:

What are the services covered by the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?
Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule grants up to $1000 worth of dental treatments for eligible children, for two calendar years. It encourages parents to expose their child to oral health care at an early age.

CDBS covers the following services:

There are several services not covered by the CDBS. These are:

  • Orthodontics
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Services given in a hospital

To be eligible for the program, your child must meet the following requirements:

  • Age (2-17 years old)
  • Member of Medicare (as your dependent)
  • Family receives financial assistance funded by the Australian government

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What happens during a root canal treatment?
The goal of the root canal treatment is to save a tooth from extraction. It also called endodontic treatment or therapy.

During a root canal treatment, the infected tooth-pulp is removed. The inside of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned before a temporary filling is placed. On your next dental appointment, the permanent filling is placed. A dental crown is often used to reinforce the strength of the tooth.

Most root canal treatments take 3 to 4 appointments, with a success rate of about 95%. The severity of the damage and previous dental jobs performed on the tooth are among the factors that affect the duration of the procedure.

At True Dental Care Preston, root canal treatments are safe and nearly painless.

What are the advantages of Zoom Whitening?
Zoom Whitening is a teeth whitening option that offers amazing results in less than an hour. A Zoom advanced power chairside lamp is used and a powerful bleaching agent is applied to accelerate the process.

As a result of that, with Zoom Whitening the shade of your teeth can improve up to eight shades in one treatment. It also removes resistant stains, which cannot be removed by conventional teeth whitening. The results are brighter pearly whites with shades that can last longer.

Zoom Whitening offers the same benefits as regular whitening coupled with additional advantages such as:

  • Takes less than an hour
  • Up to eight shades better
  • Removes persistent stains
  • Whitens persistently discoloured teeth
  • Removes tougher stains
  • Longer lasting results
  • Fresher breath in the process
  • Improved oral health

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How does Invisalign work?
Invisalign is an orthodontic option that uses a series of clear polyurethane, virtually invisible, aligners. They are removable and are custom-made for each of our patients.

Each Invisalign tray is worn for two weeks and should stay in the mouth for 20-22 hours a day. They should only be removed when eating, brushing, and during rigorous sports activities. The trays discreetly shift crooked teeth into their ideal position.

Invisalign is a popular choice particularly among adults.

Invisalign has a number of benefits, and advantages over traditional braces, such as:

  • Corrects malocclusion (bite defects)
  • Straightens teeth
  • Removable, hence better and easier cleaning
  • Doesn’t need constant tightening and adjustment by the dentist
  • Invisible so you’ll feel confident smiling while wearing them.
  • Promotes good oral hygiene since you can still easily clean your mouth
  • Stop bad oral habits such as thumb-sucking
  • Stop dental issues from happening such as tooth decay and gum disease
  • Better bite, chewing, and speech capacity

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How long do I have to wait in case of a dental emergency?
If you or your loved ones have a dental emergency, True Dental Care Preston offers a same day emergency appointment.

We do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Our team is trained to handle almost all types of dental emergencies including:

  • Children’s dental emergencies
  • Toothache or dental pain
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Broken dentures
  • Lost fillings, crowns, and inlay/onlay
  • Dental abscess
  • Soft tissues injuries in the mouth

Administer first aid steps immediately and call us right away for your same day emergency appointment.

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