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Tooth Extraction Preston

Tooth Extraction | Dentist Preston Nobody wants to have a tooth extracted. Fortunately, with multiple options available, saving your tooth from extraction is easier than ever.

However, there are some situations when an extraction is the best option.

At True Dental Care Preston, our job is to make sure that you have the best treatment for your case.

If we have to resort to an extraction, we assure you that the procedure is completely safe. True Dental Care Preston also offers tooth replacement options.

Common Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are usually done to address the following:

Benefits Of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction also has benefits such as:

  • Stops the decay from spreading and affecting other teeth
  • Removes impacted teeth
  • Prepares teeth for an orthodontic work
  • Less expensive

The Tooth Extraction Process

To ensure safety, the tooth extraction process follows a careful step-by-step procedure. To determine the best way to extract the tooth, an X-ray of your mouth is first taken. The operation itself is done with local anaesthesia. In some cases, sedation or general anaesthesia are also used depending on the difficulty of the procedure.

If the tooth is visible, a simple extraction is done. Most cases of impacted require a surgical incision.

Antibiotics are prescribed after the extraction depending on the complexity of the treatment and the need to avoid infection. Some patients experience pain that lasts one or two days after the procedure. This is completely normal so there’s nothing to worry about.

Your dentist will tell you the do’s and don’ts after the procedure to ensure fast recovery and avoid complications. Your dentist will closely monitor your recovery. A follow up appointment may be prescribed to check your status.

Restorative Dentistry Options At True Dental Care Preston

At True Dental Care Preston we offer multiple tooth replacement options.

Dental crowns, bridges, and dental implants are some of these options. You can talk to your dentist about the next step after your tooth extraction.

Tooth Extractions in Preston

Everyone wants to have a complete set of natural teeth. But sometimes, situations may call for an extraction.

At True Dental Care Preston, we ensure that our tooth extractions are safe.

Tooth Extraction in Preston

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