Dental Problems and your Pregnancy | Dentist PrestonSo you’re expecting a baby? Great!

Among all the other the things you have to think about, seeing your dentist may not be very high on your list.

But dental health has a significant impact on your overall health which in turn has a substantial impact on your baby’s health, so it’s important to keep a good oral health routine during pregnancy and beyond.

You should pay no attention to old wives tales about calcium being leached from your teeth to those of your baby, losing a tooth for each baby, or fluoride treatments being harmful to your baby.

Instead, during your pregnancy continue to visit and get your dental advice from your True Dental Care Preston dental staff!

Issues related to pregnancy 

There are, however, some issues associated with pregnancy, and here are some of the major ones.

Pregnancy Gingivitis. Hormones have substantial effects during your pregnancy, from potential moodiness, cravings for odd foods, and even the sensation of a smaller bladder. But hormones also have dental effects.

Hormones have a role in making your gums swell while pregnant, which can lead to a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. So, during pregnancy, keep an eye on the health of your gums. By being proactive, and perhaps even scheduling additional cleanings, you can keep your teeth healthy until your child is born.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to lessen the chance of gum irritation. Also, be sure to floss at least once daily; swollen gums make it easier for food to get stuck in hard-to-reach places.

Signs of gum disease include:

  • bleeding gums
  • red gums (instead of pink)
  • swollen gums
  • bad breath.

If you suspect you may have gum disease, talk to us at True Dental Care Preston. Gum disease can be treated. 

Pregnancy Tumors. Some women also develop “pregnancy tumours” due to hormonal changes while pregnant. The name is scarier than the actual condition, which is not malignant.

These growths often show up in the second trimester and resemble little raspberries that form between the teeth. These can be removed if they cause discomfort, but in most cases, they go away by themselves once a baby is born. 

Morning Sickness and Teeth. Morning sickness is part of pregnancy for many women. But it comes with concerns for oral health and pregnancy, as the acid from your stomach can contribute to tooth erosion. If you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn during your pregnancy, the gastric acid can erode your enamel.

While it may be tempting to brush teeth immediately after a bout of morning sickness, in fact this can lead to more damage. Instead, swish with baking soda and water afterwards.

Baking soda helps neutralise the acid from your stomach. Mix a teaspoon of it into a cup of water and use that mixture to rinse out your mouth before brushing.

Protect your unborn baby’s health

The health of your teeth and gums are important during and after pregnancy to:

  • Fight gum disease that can lead to a low birth weight baby or premature birth.
  • Stop decay-causing bacteria from transferring from you to your baby. Stopping this decay means your child is less likely to suffer from early childhood decay.
  • It should be obvious, but we’ll remind you that smoking while pregnant is not good for your unborn baby or you. It can lead to gum disease, among many other harmful health effects. If you smoke, consider quitting.

Here’s how to keep your teeth and gums healthy:

  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and floss each day
  • If morning sickness makes you feel sick when brushing teeth, rinse your mouth with water instead.
  • Visit your True Dental Care dentist for a regular dental checkup every six months.
  • Eat healthy foods that give you and your baby important nutrients.
  • Limit sweets.

What about X-rays?

Routine X-rays can often be postponed until after the birth. However, X-rays are needed to perform many dental procedures, especially in case of emergency. It is generally agreed that no one diagnostic x-ray has a radiation dose significant enough to cause adverse effects on a developing embryo or fetus.

True Dental Care for your Dental Health

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