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Dentist Heidelberg True Dental Care Preston True Dental Care Preston is serving patients in Heidelberg and the surrounding areas.

We are established upon a passion for healthy beautiful smiles.

Our dental team is comprised of Australian trained dentists, nurses, and a prosthetist.

We are all dedicated to providing quality dental care for patients residing in Heidelberhg area.

Let us know about your dental goals, and we will happily offer you the dental pathways available to achieve them!

Dental Services at True Dental Care Preston

General dentistry

General dentistry provides a wide array of services, including preventive care, minor restorative therapy, and family dental care services to patients in Heidelberg.

General dentistry is mostly concerned with maintaining good oral hygiene and dental health to prevent problems from occurring.

However, if dental issues are discovered, general dentists are skilled at using restorative treatments to repair tooth decay, disease, and trauma.

The following are our general dentistry services:

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the practice of maintaining one’s oral health. Preventative dentistry helps you avoid dental issues like cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more.

There are many forms of preventive dentistry, such as daily brushing and dental cleanings. T

o maintain optimal oral health, True Dental Care Preston recommends visiting your dentist regularly.

These practices help ensure the cleanliness, strength, and whiteness of the teeth. Children should be taught proper oral hygiene at an early age.

The following are our preventive dentistry services:

Restorative dentistry

Whether by neglect or natural causes, your teeth may suffer from damage that leads to their deterioration.

True Dental Care Preston delivers premium quality restorative dentistry services to the residents of Heidelberg.

Restorative dentistry focuses on the procedures that your dentist performs to maintain the mouth’s health and functionality.

These restorative procedures include placing dental implants, dentures, fillings, and crowns.

Restorative dentistry is primarily concerned with keeping the mouth functional, and while doing so, can improve the overall look of one’s smile.

The following are our restorative dentistry services:

Cosmetic dentistry in Heidelberg

While restorative dentistry is primarily concerned with keeping mouths healthy and functional, cosmetic dentistry is focused on improving the appearance of your smile.

While dentists always put the health of your mouth first, having cosmetic procedures improves how well your mouth looks more than improving how it functions.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving your teeth aesthetically.

Minor teeth imperfections such as discolouration, chipping, misalignment, and fractures are addressed. A celebrity smile could be yours!

The following are our cosmetic dentistry services:

Dental Emergency Patients from Heidelberg area

Dental emergencies like an injury to the teeth or gums can be potentially dangerous and should not be ignored.

Leaving a dental problem untreated can increase the risk of permanent damage as well as the need for more extensive and costly treatment later on.

Dental emergencies are unpredictable. Hence, it is important that you have a trusted emergency dentist.

True Dental Care Preston provides a same day emergency appointment for patients residing in the Heidelberg area.

We treat a wide range of dental emergencies including:

Same Day Emergency Appointment Available!

For dental emergencies, call us on (03) 9131 5952 for immediate attention, or book your appointment now.

Dental Care by True Dental Care Preston

True Dental Care Preston delivers quality dental care to patients from Heidelberg and the surrounding areas. We provide general dentistry, preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dental emergency services.

Start your journey towards better smiles and good oral health this year and beyond! Start at True Dental Care Preston.

Visit us today!

Preston dentist also serves the local communities in Thornbury, Reservoir, Coburg, Heidelberg, and Kingsbury.

If you want to book an appointment, call us on (03) 9131 5952 or contact us here. We are located at 358 Bell St in Preston.

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