The Importance of Mouth guards for Athletes | Dentist Preston Exercise is a critical part of growing up (and good for adults also!), but according to the Australian Dental Association playing sports, particularly contact ones, without a mouth guard can be a recipe for dental disaster!

Australian Dental Association SA Branch Dr. Angelo Papageorgiou says, “It is important parents are aware that a properly fitted, custom-fitted mouth guard is an essential piece of their kids’ sporting equipment.”

At True Dental Care Preston we want all our patients to know that mouth guards are an essential piece of athletic kit for athletes of all ages.

To ensure that mouth guards are used, Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) and the Australian Dental Association (ADA) have worked together to create a Mouth Guard Policy making mouth guards mandatory equipment for registered players during training and games for sports including, basketball, hockey, football, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, lacrosse, and netball.

Wearing a mouth guard during training, practice and games and can help athletes avoid damage to lips, teeth, gums, and face

Wearing a properly designed and constructed mouth guard while participating in sport/athletics helps protect from dental injuries. Players of all ages involved in sports and activities in which there is a risk of an injury to the face should preserve their teeth and jaw with a custom-fitted mouth guard.

A protective mouth guard should:

  • Be comfortable yet stay in place
  • allow normal swallowing and breathing
  • enable normal talking
  • not lead to gagging
  • be tasteless and odourless
  • be thick enough ( a minimum of 4 mm) to give protection against impact

Types of Mouth guards

Over-the-counter mouth guards are smooth, pre-formed, U-shaped trays that cup the top row of teeth to prevent teeth from hitting against each other. They are not customised, can be blocky, and are ineffective protection. In fact in some cases use of OTC mouth guards can lead to damage. This kind of OTC mouth guard is usually made of stiff plastic and isn’t very comfortable. Finally, their fit is often not good.

Another common over-the-counter mouth guard is the “boil and bite”. You boil the mouth guard as specified by the instructions and the plastic becomes soft and pliable. Once the mouth guard is heated, you carefully place it in your mouth and bite down gently, applying light pressure to help it conform to your teeth. In some cases, additional trimming or adjustment will be necessary.

One problem with OTC guards is that the plastic is normallly thin. This means less protection and if you are using a “boil and bite” version, you have to take care when moulding the mouth guard to your teeth to not bite through it. In this case, one size does not fit all!

In almost all cases, custom fitted mouth guards are a superior option. Here are just some of the reasons you (or your child) should wear a customised mouth guard in athletic pursuits.

  • The Australian Dental Association recommends custom-mouth guards for anyone playing contact sports.
  • Millions of teeth are knocked out each year and the lifetime cost to replace one tooth is approximately $20,000.
  • Custom mouth guards are designed and manufactured to match the exact structure of each player’s mouth, making for the most comfortable mouth guard and outlasting “boil and bite” guards 5-to-1.
  • Custom mouth guards are designed for maximised oxygen flow. The more oxygen an athlete inhales, the better their performance, endurance and communication.
  • Players with braces or other orthodontics get the comfort and protection they need with custom fit mouth guards.
  • A custom mouth guard can be personalised with a player’s name, number, or team logo.
  • A custom mouth guard can help prevent costly dental procedures such as reconstructive surgery or emergency dental work. In fact, custom mouth guards are something of a bargain, as they cost just a tiny fraction of the price you would pay to deal with a loosened, cracked, or avulsed (knocked out) tooth.

Custom-fitted mouth guards allow easy breathing and can absorb shocks of impact to your teeth and jaws. Because they fit perfectly, they stay put in your mouth. If you or your child are sporty, you need a custom-designed mouth guard to protect your teeth!

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