Christmas shouldn’t be about the gifts; it should be about family, friends, and celebration.

Still, we all cringe when we receive an awkward, regifted, or utterly useless present.

It is the thought that counts, but the quality of the thought is revealed by how appropriate and loved the gift is!

In the middle of the holiday rush, seasonal music, and bombardment of advertisements, we often complain that the real spirit of the season is slipping away.

If gift-giving is to represent a selfless and caring gesture, shouldn’t gifts demonstrate goodwill and an understanding of the needs of others?

Of course, they should, but it can be tough to choose a great gift for someone who has it all, someone who doesn’t want much, or someone who is very picky.

At True Dental Care Preston, we have an answer – Give the gift of oral hygiene! Oral hygiene gifts are practical, thoughtful, and you can guarantee they will be used.

Great Holiday Gifts

#1. Water flossers

A water flosser uses a powerful stream of water to dislodge particles from between your teeth. Water flossers are a great way to keep up daily flossing.

It’s convenient for little ones who are still learning flossing technique, teenagers with braces, and for seniors who may not be as dexterous as they once were. You can even water floss while you shower!

Water. Some readers may be asking, “whaaat?” But water is key to dental and general health.

Give the gift of water so friends and family can stay hydrated, keep their mouths clean, and stay away from the sugary drinks of the season.

  • Smart water bottle: A smart water bottle tracks hydration levels with a sensor and smartphone app. If you need to drink more water, the bottle glows, encouraging water intake during the day.
  • Stylish Teapot: If the person you’re gifting prefers tea, a stylish teapot is a great option. Green tea may help promote healthy teeth and gums due to its abundance of antioxidants.

#2. Electric toothbrush

Very few gifts show more care than that of an electric toothbrush. As a bonus, electric toothbrushes are great for all ages. Many of us don’t brush our teeth properly when we use a manual toothbrush.

An aggressive brusher can cause premature gum recession and tooth wear. On the other hand, being overly gentle doesn’t remove the plaque that causes gum disease and tooth decay.

Electric toothbrushes come will all kinds of bells and whistles, including built-in timers, associated phone apps, and different types of vibrations and rotations.

#3. Toothpaste tube wringer

We’ve created smartphones that contain more power than computer desktops did just 20 years ago, but we can’t create a toothpaste tube that doesn’t leave some toothpaste wasted at the bottom of the tube.

If you have an “economical” friend or family member on your gift list, a toothpaste tube wringer is a versatile and effective way to ensure you get as much toothpaste out of a tube as is possible.

Toothpaste tube wringers are a great way to avoid waste and save money.

#4. The gift of a check-up

We give certificates for massage, pedicures, facials, restaurants, virtually everything. Yet, somehow, we never think of giving someone a free dental check-up.

If there is someone on your list who is overdue for their visit to True Dental Care Preston, consider gifting them a free check-up and/or cleaning!

#5. Stocking stuffers

Once the significant gifts are purchased, it’s time to move on to stocking-stuffers.

Many times, these little gifts are enjoyed long after Christmas and can be more functional than larger gifts. Here are a few ideas.

New toothbrush. Everyone loves a new toothbrush, but we don’t usually get around to replacing them every 3-4 months, as we are supposed to. So why not gift a brush (or brush-head for electric toothbrushes)?

Tooth Timer. If you know brushing the correct amount of time is difficult for someone, stuff their stocking with a small timer!

Wacky toothpaste. There are so many cool toothpaste flavours out there. Give a flavour you think your recipient wouldn’t normally get.

There’s bubblegum flavour, chocolate, ranch-dressing, and even bacon! Be sure the ADA seal is on whatever you buy.

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