Every year, at this time, many of us sit down and make resolutions for the New Year.

At True Dental Care Preston, we are no different, except we resolve to re-dedicate ourselves to you, our patients.

Entering 2020, we resolve to follow the dental code of conduct set forth by the Dental Board of Australia, which says, in part:

  • Making decisions about healthcare is the shared responsibility of the practitioner and the patients or clients (or their representative).
  • Relationships based on openness, trust and good communication will enable practitioners to work in partnership with their patients or clients. An essential part of the practitioner-patient/client relationship is effective communication, in all forms, including in-person, written and electronic.
  • Practitioners have ethical and legal obligations to protect the privacy of people requiring and receiving care. Patients or clients have a right to expect that practitioners and their staff will hold information about them in confidence unless the information is required to be released by law or public interest considerations.
  • Practitioners need to obtain informed consent for the care that they provide to their patients or clients. Caring for children and young people brings additional responsibilities for practitioners.
  • Good practice involves genuine efforts to understand the cultural needs and contexts of different patients or clients to obtain good health outcomes. Practitioners need to be aware that some patients or clients have additional needs and modify their approach appropriately.
  • Minimising patient risk is a fundamental component of good practice.
  • Maintaining and developing our knowledge, skills, and professional behaviour are core aspects of good practice.

Following this code, we made some specific resolutions for 2020!

  • Respect your wants and needs. Each patient has the right to be involved in treatment decisions and to expect privacy and confidentiality.
  • We resolve to treat people, not just their teeth. We build relationships with our patients. We measure success on the long-term relationships we build with our patients and their loved ones, and not only the top-notch dental care we provide.
  • We resolve to offer affordable care. We understand that the cost of dentistry can be intimidating for many patients. This is why our staff is trained to maximise all dental insurance benefits to make certain that our patients pay as little out of pocket as possible.
  • Keep you safe and healthy. Part of this is keeping our knowledge and skills current. New techniques and technology emerge rapidly. In response to this, we spend time in ongoing continuing education to give our patients the highest level of science-based effective and safe care. We are also dedicated to the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility
  • We resolve to offer a comfortable dental experience by using appropriate anaesthesia, technology, and behavioural approaches and dealing with dental phobia or anxiety when called for.
  • We resolve to provide dental services, treatments and products of professional quality and that meet the standards of the Australian Dental Association and other relevant agencies that govern the dental profession.
  • We resolve to maximise our knowledge, skills and professional behaviour by engaging in ongoing training and education.
  • We resolve to respect your time. We offer our patients appointments that fit their busy schedules, and we strive to begin our appointments on time and finish them on schedule. For your convenience, we offer appointments on Saturdays!
  • Be fair. True Dental Care Preston does not discriminate, providing high-quality dental care regardless of age, religion, race, creed, ethnicity religion, or socioeconomic background.
  • Be forthcoming. The best doctor-patient relationships have a foundation of honesty, trust, and communication.
  • To determine appropriate goals for your oral health, total health, and dental function and smile appearance and prescribe the dentistry and treatment options best suited to your goals.
  • To answer every question thoroughly and with a full explanation of the tools, treatments, and costs involved in the procedure or treatment.
  • To provide an environment in which you feel safe and comfortable. Your visit to a dental office should not cause any additional anxiety, and if you have any worries, fears, or phobias, we are happy to work with you to accommodate them. We are also happy to discuss anaesthesia options.

Dental Health in Preston

The foundation of True Dental Care Preston is a passion for healthy, beautiful smiles. Our team is composed of Australian trained dentists, nurses, and a prosthetist.

We offer general dentistry, implants and cosmetic dentistry, and emergency services, all in our advanced facility with a highly trained staff and cutting-edge technology.

Our offices are near the corner of Donovan St and Bell St, only 25 meters from the Bell Train Station! Our convenient offices are on the ground floor.

True Dental Care Preston offers an extensive range of treatment options from pain management to implants and Invisalign®.

True Dental Care Preston serves the local communities in Thornbury, Reservoir, Coburg, Heidelberg, and Kingsbury.

Call (03) 9131 5952 or visit us at 358 Bell St in Preston.

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