Powers-of-Attorney-in-South-Australia One of the most common things that your True Dental Care Preston dentist hears from patients with misaligned teeth is, “How do I straighten my teeth as quickly as possible?”

The answer to this question depends on the patient and case, of course, because everyone’s mouth is unique.

Still, we understand the question, as one of the daunting aspects of orthodontics can be the potential length of the treatment.

The good news is that there are ways that teeth-straightening can be accelerated, both with and without orthodontics. Let’s take a closer look at how teeth-straightening works and how it can be sped up.

How can teeth move inside the jawbone?

The body naturally moves teeth itself, a process involving many tissues, cells, and complicated signalling processes.

Orthodontics uses force, applied to the roots of teeth using appliances to move the teeth, stimulation the cells in the bones and tissues surrounding the tooth to act and adapt.

This process needs to be performed carefully as moving teeth too quickly can lead to adverse outcomes in which the teeth stop moving, and the roots and surrounding tissues are damaged.

Recently, several companies have introduced treatments that are supposed to accelerate tooth movement.

These techniques use bone-stimulation, devices that pulse pressure, and the removal of bone, all to speed up movement.

This is a new field of dentistry, and these treatments may be associated with higher risks and a greater chance of teeth moving back out of alignment.

Certainly, none of these treatments should be undertaken without a complete understanding of the procedure and a thorough consultation with your dentist.

Accelerated treatments

Dentistry moves fast, and this is the case in orthodontics.

Here are some of the recent treatments that speed up straightening:

  • The AcceleDent method is an activator that the patient wears for 15-20 minutes daily. It uses gentle pulses to quicken the movement of your teeth.
  • Propel Alveocentesis, stimulates the jawbone and increases cytokine activity, making the movement of the bone less difficult and faster.
  • Micro-osteoperforation (MOP), is another way to increase cytokine activity, which is followed immediately by the application of force to move the teeth into the proper position.
  • Another technique for speeding up orthodontic treatment is surgical removal of tissue between the teeth.

All of these treatments require proper consultation, and the cost of accelerated orthodontics can be higher than traditional orthodontics.

In general, the patients who are most likely benefit from these treatments have healthy bone structure, all of their natural teeth, and good dental health.

In preparation for any orthodontic treatment, but particularly for accelerated procedures, your dentist will assess your oral and facial function, study your face and your mouth’s interior, and take dental impressions and X-rays.

These techniques are semi-experimental and require far more training for a dentist. This is why, for most patients, we think there is a better “secret” for faster teeth straightening, and that secret is you!

How you can speed up orthodontics

The secret of quick orthodontic treatment is the patient. YOU have a great deal to do with how long orthodontic treatment takes. No matter how wonderful the treatment plan is, it won’t work unless you cooperate.

Here are some things that could sabotage your own treatment time.

  • Spreading out, changing, or missing orthodontic appointments
  • Arriving late to appointments
  • Not having other related dental procedures performed in time.
  • Damaging your appliances between visits. If your eating habits or other behaviours are breaking or bending your appliances, months, even years, can be added to treatment.
  • Not following instructions. If you ignore instructions on how to use rubber bands, clear aligners, etc., your teeth will not move as quickly as they should, and you will end up wearing orthodontics for a much more extended period.
  • Poor oral hygiene will slow down treatment.

The “accelerated” orthodontics treatments may be something you want to discuss with your Preston dentist, but in truth, the quickest way to straighten your teeth is to use the alignment system recommended for you and to follow all instructions.

Sooner than you think, you will have straighter, more attractive teeth!

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